The Gates Of Ruin

Monday, 20 March 2017

Massive Update

Hello Everyone!

We have successfully compiled all the stats for all the armies. All that's left is the fluff etc for each of the army books, welcome seeing them being posted very soon.

Ruin is nearly complete.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Book ideas

Hello everyone,

I am thinking of starting to write a book based on the world of Ruin, and was interested to find out if any specific characters/races would be preferred to be included and the potential popularity of the book.


Wednesday, 20 April 2016

The Judge- Justicat lore.


A dancer of blades, keeper of faith, spear of light. They claim him to be the champion of dawn, the realm of their one true God, Lucifer. He wears a mask of black and white, armour of black and gold, a double-ended spear, glowing with the sun. He does not tell his name, nor does he seem to have one, but the people call him Cicero. He seems a lone warrior, a healer and destroyer alike. The Republic kill and slaughter and live in the name of their Goddess, a lady whose image is only shown in the mists of great lakes, holder of a grail, so holy those who drink it become imbued with her presence. The Justicat cast this faith aside when they opened the Aether Gates, when their true lord of light came through with his armies of angels and creatures of the void. He comes to claim back the throne she took, to reclaim the souls of those he believes she tainted, he comes in the form of this man: Cicero. To end all who dare destroy the beauty he created, destroy all others who hold the claim to his throne. He is the one who will change the world, the one and the only. With Justice, Truth and Knowledge at his heels, he commands the races of this world to reclaim it and make peace; for in his eyes, all races are equal and hierarchy is chosen by the people. We all have a role to fill, Cicero intends for us to fill it.

Let Cicero, the judge join the great leaders and warriors of this world. Will you pick him as your champion?

Thursday, 7 April 2016

A little Illiath Fluff

Hello all, I thought I'd just share a little about the structure of the Illiath Republic for you all to get in the mood.

First of all, the 12 lords make up the council which decides on all important matters of state, much like parliament does now. Each of these lords holds governance over a certain portion of the lands in the republic. Every year, three roles are elected for the council. The first is the High Governor, they are in charge of all diplomatic and secular affairs of state and have the final say when governing the country. The second is the High Marschall, of which is in charge of all military affairs and is expected to lead the main armies into battle. They are treated as a king in all military affairs. Finally, there is the High Prophet. They are in charge of all religious affairs, concerning their deity, an unnamed goddess who touches certain warriors with her blessing upon occasion. Many of these reported drinking from a grail and has made their vitality and strength increased. The high prophet also retains control over any magical substance.
The current Governor is Arkahn Blaise, the current Marschall is Tarnen Alfare and the current Prophet is Dealia Nocturn.

Following these council members you have the counts, earls and other high lords. Beneath them in station is the Knights of the Garter, they are consisting of those who have been embodied with the heavenly blessing of their deity, known simply as the lady. Military commanders bear station beneath them and is the highest rank a commoner can ever achieve. The knights of the holy seal are zealous warriors and search relentlessly for their deity and her blessing, going on countless crusades to win her favour. The men-at-arms are the gentry and young nobles who have gained the respect of the higher nobility and have been knighted. They generally have plate armour on foot but use lances and shields with marvellous heraldic decoration when mounted. Beneath them are what are known as Green Knights. They are generally un-blooded or un-knighted nobility and are usually cowards or impetuous. It takes great control to stop these knights from doing stupid or heroic things to the detriment of their life. Beneath these are peasants who have earned horses, known as cavaliers, making great shock cavalry. The guilds-men are below them, usually in charge of war machines and other strange devices or magic. Then you have the freemen and finally the levies, who are much akin to human crap in the eyes of the nobility.

The ruling houses constantly plot behind each other's backs but can still retain unity in times of need, whether to stop an enemy invasion or destroy a peasant rebellion. Although the nobility like to think they are a pure and godly nation, much goes on in peasant's lives which seem less than honourable and these dirty tactics a lord or two may even choose to adopt if it suits them.

Thank you for helping, especially to those Bretonnian players who may now find a home with this army. I hope it provides welcome nostalgia and also convenient changes. Do not fear, they will be as competitive as the other armies.

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Army Book Voting

We would like you to vote for the next army book to be written.

Vote in the comments below:


A) Green-Skins
B) Legions Of The Protectorate
C) Illiath Republic
D) Elven Empire
E) The Risen
F) The Forsaken
G) The Justicat
H) Darkspawn
I) Children Of The Forest


What many of you have been waiting for: The first army book for the dwarven Holds:

Thanks, please comment how it goes.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015


Hello everyone, we hope you are enjoying the Gates of Ruin. We would like to ask if anyone would like to help us construct the  army books as we feel it will take a huge amount of time otherwise (because of our tight personal schedules). We would really appreciate it if people would comment below or message me with any suggestions or offers of help.

As a further touch, if anyone wishes to contact me, email me at:

If it is not for any matters concerning Ruin or anything relevant, please do not attempt to contact.

Thank you,


Viva ut Vivas

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Stats 10: Elven Empire

Here's the last army, the electoral empire of the elves, the units are:

City Guard Commander
Deer Cavalry
High Reach City Guard
Drow Chu-ko-nu
Water Elves

City Guard commander- BS A P D AC E W R AR L M PTS
                                        5    3 4  4   4   3  3   3  3   4   1   78
Special Rules: Commander
Equipment: Nodachi, Elven Armour

Deer Cavalry- BS A P D AC E W R AR L M PTS
                       4     2  4 4   3   3   1  3  3   -  -     48
Deer                3    2  3 3   -   5    2  2   +1   -   -    -
Equipment: Elven armour, spear, shield, hard antlers 

High Reach City Guard- BS A P D AC E W R AR L M PTS
                                         5   1  4  4  4    3  1   3  3   -   -    28
Equipment: Elven Armour, Nodachi

Drow Chu-ko-nu- BS A P D AC E W R  AR L M PTS
                              4     1 3  3  4    4  1  2    1  -    -    23
Special Rules: Move-or-fire
Equipment: Leather armour, scimitar, repeater crossbow (18'' P4, 2 shots)

Water Elves- BS A P D AC E W R AR L M PTS
                       5   2   4  3  4  5   2  3   2   -  -     30
Special Rules: Swimmer(ignores water terrain features)
Equipment: Nebula Armour, Trident, Sprayshot( 8'' P4)

Thanks again, we hope you can make use of these rules and happy gaming.

Stats 9: Dwarven Holds

Up now is the mighty dwarven holds. Make a note this will be the first army book to be released, we give you these hardy units:

Fire Golem
Steam machine-gun

Thegn- BS A P  D AC E W R AR L M PTS
             5    2   4  4  3  2   3   4   3  5  1   72
Special Rules: Commander, Short Legged(if more than 50% army is short-legged, conced the first turn to your opponent)
Equipment: Heavy Cuirass, Axe, Shield

Fire Golem- BS A P  D AC E W R AR L M PTS
                      3  3  4   4   3   4   2  2  1   -   -     50
Special Rules: Large Target, Flame body(flaming attacks do not affect fire golems), Flaming attacks
Equipment: Flame Body, Flame fist, Burst Flame(Flame template P4)

Hammerers- BS A P D AC E W R AR L M PTS
                      4   1  4  4  3   2  1   4   2   -  -   25
Special Rules: Short-legged(--)
Equipment: Heavy Cuirass, Battle-hammer (concussion)

Rangers- BS A P D AC E W R AR L M PTS
                3   1   4  4 4    3   1  3  2   -  -     25
Special Rules: Short-legged(--)
Equipment: Sword, Bow(24'' P3)

Steam Machine-Gun- BS A P D AC E W AR L M PTS
                                    3   10 4  3  4  2  2    -    -    -   78
Crew (X2)                   4    1  4 4  3  2   1   3   -    -     -
Special Rules: Short-Legged(--), Miscellaneous war machine
Equipment: Heavy Cuirass, axe, machine gun(standard shooting 24'' P4)

Thanks again, good luck and please feel free to inform us on play testing.

Stats 8: The Forsaken

Up next is the forsaken, the legions of the east who worship those who fell from the aether.

Esternin Lord
Esternin Guard

Esternin Lord- BS A P D AC E W R AR L M PTS
                          6   3  4  4  3   2   3  4  3   3  1    72
Special Rules: Commander
Equipment: Scale Armour, Shield, Spear

Soulless- BS A P D AC E W R AR L M PTS
                5    3  4  3  2   4   2  4   4  -   -     31
Equipment: Titanium Armour, Nightmare Blades (+1P)

Esternin Guard- BS A P D AC E W R AR L M PTS
                            4   1  4  4  3   2   1  3   3   -   -    25
Equipment: Scale Armour, shield, spear

Neophytes- BS A P D AC E W R AR L M PTS
                     3   1 3  3   4   3  1  2    1   -   -   21
Equipment: Robes, Lightning Staff (12'' P4)

Cataphracts-   BS A P D AC E W R AR L M PTS
                        4   2   4  4  3   3  2   4  3   -   -    74
Barded Horse  3   1   3  3  -   4   1   3  1   -   -    -
Equipment: Barded Warhorse, Scale Armour, Shield, Lance, Sword.

Thanks again. We wish you luck in playing this army and appreciate feedback.          

Stats 7: Illiath Republic

The mighty nobles of the republic offer these units to you:


             5   3  4  4  3    3   3  3   4  5  1    74
Special Rules: Commander
Equipment: Plate armour, Great-sword

Men-at-arms- BS A P D AC E W R AR L M PTS
                        4    1  4 4  3   3  1   3   3   -  -     26
Equipment: Plate Armour, Long-axes

Spearmen- BS A P D AC E W R AR L M PTS
                    3   1   3 3  2  3    1   4  3  -  -     23
Equipment: Spear, Shield, Light armour.

Longbowmen- BS A P D AC E W R AR L M PTS
                         3   1   3  3  3   3   1  3   1  -   -    21
Equipment: Longbow (30'' P3), leather armour, dagger

Trebuchet- BS A P D AC E W R AR L M PTS
                   -     1  6  4  4    -  -   -   -    -   -    95
Crew   (x4)  3   1   3  3  3  3  1  2   1   -   -  
Special Rules: Stone Thrower
Equipment: Cloth armour, tools

Thanks. Please use these to the best of your ability. Again, can you please send feedback so we can develop the project.

Stats 6: Darkspawn

The evil demons from the nether gate give access to 5 of their units:

Greater Demon
Hell Knights
Ratmen Slingers
Rat Giants

Greater Demon- BS A P D AC E W R AR L M PTS
                            6    3  5  5  2   3  4   3   2   3  1   111
Special Rules: Large Target, Commander, Fury, Fear
Equipment: Demonic Hide, Demonic Weapon (two-handed)

Hell Knights- BS A P D AC E W R AR L M PTS
                       5   2  4  4   2   3   1  4   3   -   -    46
Hell Horse      3   1  3  3  -    3   1   4   +1 -   -    -
Special Rules: Fear
Equipment: Hellfire armour, shield, flail, sword

Succubus- BS A P D AC E W R AR L M PTS
                  3    3  3  3  1   4   1  2   2   -  -     23
Special Rules: Entice (Re-roll failed rolls to hit in first round)
Equipment: Thick Skin, Claws

Ratmen Slingers- BS A P D AC E W R AR L M PTS
                             1    1  3  3  4    4  1  1   -  -    -     18
Equipment: Sling (8" P3), sword

Rat Giants- BS A P D AC E W R AR L M PTS
                    4   3  6  4   1  2   3  4   1   -    -   56
Special Rules: Fear, Large Target
Equipment: Thick Skin, Sharp Claws

Thanks. Once more, we would love feedback on our game and your play testing.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Stats 5: The Justicat

Our 5th army is the Justicat. The proud warriors of the justicar conclaves allows these preliminary units:

Lord Justicar
Composite Bowmen

Lord Justicar- BS A P D AC E W R AR L M PTS
                        5    3  4  3  3  4   3  4   3    4  1   74
Special Rules: Fear, Commander
Equipment: Glaive, Justicar Armour

Angles- BS A P D AC E W R AR L M PTS
               5   2  4  3  3  6    2  3  4        -  -    32
Special Rules: Fly, Ethereal save (1)
Equipment: Angel Armour, Wings, Spear, Shield.

Pikemen- BS A P D AC E W R AR L M PTS
                 4    1  3  3  2   4  1   3  3    -  -   24
Special Rules: pike (+2 to wound vs cavalry)
Equipment: Pike, Justicar armour

Composite Bowmen- BS A P D AC E W R AR L M PTS
                                    3   1  3  3   3  4    1  3  3   -  -     24
Equipment: Justicar Armour, Composite bow (24'' P4)

Voidbeast- BS A P D AC E W R AR L M PTS
                   6    3  4  4  -    4   3  2   1   -  -    54
Special Rules: Large Target, Aetheling (May place anywhere on battlefield, after normal troops have deployed as long as outside of 20'' of an enemy)
Equipment: Hide, Claws

Thanks, hope you have fun with these guys, appreciate feedback


Stats 4: Children Of The Forest

The forest walkers are the 4th army we are releasing stats for. The units are:
Glade Guardian
Giant Eagle

Glade Guardian- BS A P D AC E W R  AR L M PTS
                           4   2   3 3  4    5   2  3   1   5   1   66
Special Rules: Commander, Forest runner(+1 mov)
Equipment: Leather Armour, Glaive, Longbow (30'' P3)

Quinns- BS A P D AC E W R AR L M PTS
             6    3  3 3   3   5   2  2   2  -   -    29
Equipment: Quinn Feathers, Glaive

Dryads- BS A P D AC E W R AR L M PTS
              4    1  4  4  2   2   1  3   2   -   -    22
Special Rules: Flammable (flaming attacks do D3 wounds)
Equipment: Bark skin, Oak-fists.

Rangers- BS A P D AC E W R AR L M PTS
                3   1    3  3  5  4   1  2   1   -   -    23
Special Rules: Forest Runner (+1 mov)
Equipment: Leather Armour, Longbow (30'' P3)

Giant Eagle- BS A P D AC E W R AR L M PTS
                      6   3  4  4   2   6  3  2   1   -   -   62
Special Rules: Large Target, Fly
Equipment: Feathers, Beak & Claws

Thanks, please tell us how your play testing of the children go.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Stats 3: Legions of the Protectorate

Next is the legion, The stalwart warriors in the north, using Roman-like tactics to combat the undead. The stats will be for:

Ouroboros Guardians

To play legion here are the stats:

Centurion- BS A P D AC E W R AR L M PTS
                   5   3   4 4  3    3  4  4  5    5   1  82
Special Rules; Fearless, Ethereal save (1), Commander
Equipment: Ouroboros Armour, Spear, sword, shield.

Ouroboros Guardians- BS A P D AC E W R AR L M PTS
                                      5   2 4  4   3   2  2  4   4    -   -   30
Special Rules: Fearless, Ethereal save (1)
Equipment: Ouroboros Armour, Halberd, sword.

Legionaries- BS A P D AC E W R AR L M PTS
                      4   1   4  3  3  3   2   4  3   -  -     26
Equipment: Legionary armour, shield, sword, Pilum (8'' P2).

Boltgunners- BS A P D AC E W R AR L M PTS
                       3  1  3  3  4    3   1  4   2   -  -     24
Special Rules: Move or shoot
Equipment: Boltgun (14'' P5), Legionary armour, dagger.

Dragon-Kin- BS A P D AC E W R AR L M PTS
                      4   2   4  3  3   4  1  3   1   -   -    25
Special Rules: Fly
Equipment: Thick Hide, Spear

Thanks, please tell us how your games go, we would love to know.